Celebrity Home - Mike D

Hah?? some of you are probably thinking "who the heck is Mike D?" Well if you spent your youth listening to The Beastie Boys, then you know exactly who it is.

Mike D with his wife Tamra

I was excited when I came across the home of Michael Diamond (aka Mike D) as I thought it would be a totally modern, cool pad but to my surprise no, it is a family friendly renovated Brooklyn townhouse. I have to admit it's not my favourite home tour I've featured as some of the furnishings are not to my liking but I just wanted to share this sneak peak into the home of one of my favourite groups.

Love the ceiling height and windows



Gorgeous old polished floorboards

The custom Moonrise Kingdom inspired home theatre



What a spacious bathroom


 If you'd like to read more about the reno, jump over here.

all images via newyorktimes

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